It is a period of relative peace on the continent of Faerun, in the land of Toril. While some factions, such as the Red Wizards and the Cult of Dragon, trudge on incessantly in their less than wholesome pursuits, the general populous is enjoying the respite from constant wars and feuds. The peace has ushered forth a surge of adventurers, mostly displaced mercenaries, bounty hunters and their ilk, seeking fame and fortune among Toril’s vast selection of ancient ruins, dark tombs, and arcane towers.

Perhaps due to the “gold rush” of adventuring, the trade centers and economic powers, such as Waterdeep and Sembia, are enjoying an economic explosion the likes of which have not been seen in recent memory. Almost ANYTHING is available, for a price, assuming one knows who to talk to.

For the discerning adventurer, there is no end to work here. Everyone needs something done, wants something found (or someone or something killed), and there is significant cash flow to fund it. Faerun is a large place, with a long and colorful history, so there is large selection of places to explore. Tombs, ruins, and dungeons all dot the landscape; some holding riches and power, others containing only death.

But it is not adventurers that Faerun needs, it is heroes. Individuals of mighty heart and even mightier mettle, for amidst the peace and prosperity, a 400 year old plot sleeps, one that threatens all life on Faerun. And soon, it will awaken.


The Whim of Sagris ThrakaPwns