On Toril, the deities take an active interest in their world, channeling power through their cleric, paladins, druds, rangers and other worshippers and sometimes intervening directly in the affairs of mortals. At the same time, they plot, war, intrigue, and ally themselves between themselves and powerful mortals, and with extraplanar beings such as elemental rulers and demons. Because they lose strength if their worship dwindles away and is forgotten, deities task their clerics and others to whome they grant divine spells with spreading their praise and doctrine, recruiting new worshippers, and keeping the faith alive. -Campaign Setting: Forgotten Realms

While, on the land of Faerun, things seem peaceful and prosperous, rumors abound that the state of affairs in the heavens are not the same. There is talk, usually hushed and careful, that the deities are restless and that pantheon is lingering on the verge of complete upheaval.

What is certain though, is that the powers that be are demanding more, much more, service and donations from their followers. One who is to receive divine spells must maintain favor at all times with their deity by acting according to the doctrine set forth, or lose the benefits of their faith until favor is regained.

The path of the atheistic in Toril is a path strewn with dire consequences. For one who dies wihtout having a patron deity to collect them from the Fugue Plane soon after death shall spend eternity writhing in the Wall of the Faithless, assuming they are not pulled into the diabolic Nine Hells or the deep black abyss. Furthermore, death tends to be rather permanent for those such mortals, for there is no keeper of the soul that has no patron god, and therefore, the soul cannot be sent back to the body.

On terms of resurrection, if an individual has failed to either spread the doctrine where possible or has not made regular donations to the patron’s cause, the deity will usually decline to return that mortal to life.


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